Visceral   Grips
Violent yet     fragile
Hardly essential but smoothly visible
Protecting the body    from anxiety
Healing the past
Objectifying     the fear

Two holes earring, 925 Silver, screw system closure, photo credit @Alizée Wachto
Visceral Grips, Graduation exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 2019
Gut Garment, aluminium, steel, 925 silver, 2019
Shield Band, oxidized 925 silver, died elastic thread, 2019
Gut Scarf, printed on silk in the UK, 2019
Self Choker, died stereolithography 3D resin, stainless steel, 2019
Leather Corset, handmade 925 Silver button, hand-dyed elastic bands,
photo credit @Alizée Wachto, 2019
Leather Armband, hand-dyed leather and elastic bands, 2019
Earring and piercing, 925 silver, 2019
Springsteel Earring, collaboration with Celia Nabonne, 2018 crédits photo Célia Nabonne & Marguerite Bones
Touch my sins those bastards, Collaboration for Sauce Magazine with Roxane Mbanga-Neuilly
Transparent Skin, 2017

Marguerite Bones

46 Metalurgic Street
92873WW - Jewlery Paradise
N° k.v.k. 67448461


Design and Development : Kenji Luyeye

Resume and references below ↓


2019 Le marché des mini et auto éditions, Floréal Belleville, Paris.
2018 Touch my sins those bastards, Publication, Sauce Magazine. 
2018 9 Finger Discount, Culturel Centrum Fijn Hout, Amsterdam 
2018 I Love you for so far away, Uncut, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
2017 Watouchytouchy, 3 persons show, Shibuya, Tokyo.
2017 Transparent Skin, Mise-en-scène of performance, Pavilion, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
2017 Battle of Midway, Rochester, UK


2019 Jewellery Linking Bodies, Department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
2017 Exchange in Hiko Mizuno, Academy of Craft & Design for human body, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Graphic Design Bachelor, (Printed Matters) École de Condé, Paris.


2017 Jewellery Making for Ruth Bachrach
2016 Book Design for Just, Arno Nollen, Exhibition Catalogue, Fotomuseum Den Daag with Karin Iturralde Animation Video for Redire
2014 Graphics for Green Flowers Art Gallery